About Benjamin Ring

Benjamin Ring has experience with a variety of physical activities and martial arts, such as taekwondo. The national sport of South Korea, taekwondo translates into English as “way to strike or break with foot and fist.” The technique combines self-defense, exercise, meditation, and sport and has evolved into two forms: traditional and sport. Taekwondo participants are separated into several categories, including junior, senior, student, and instructor. Benjamin Ring has also explored boxing, a sport he practiced in a gym in Florida, and Kenpo Karate, a variation of the Japanese method of self-defense.

In his professional life, Benjamin Ring works with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He began serving in the department’s jails, where he ensured order and watched over all the inmates. He then transferred to serving as an officer that provides security within the courthouse. In this role, Benjamin Ring assists the judges and other courtroom officials. He also upholds safety and helps court visitors. He strongly believes in the ideal that all are innocent until proven guilty and passionately believes in the legal justice system. Prior to joining the workforce, Ring attended a school where he learned how to ride horses.

In addition, Benjamin Ring enjoys rock climbing, which he has done in both Stoney Point and Malibu. Though he is new to the sport, he looks forward to taking on more challenging courses as his skills improve. He enjoys the adrenaline rush the sport provides. He likes to go camping with his friends, spending time fishing and shooting. Benjamin Ring also gives back to the community by cleaning up neighborhoods and beaches.

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